Tailoring resources and cultivating wealth

Tailoring resources and cultivating wealth

Tailoring resources and cultivating wealthTailoring resources and cultivating wealth

About Us


Tailored WealthSaver, LLC

The driving mission of Tailored WealthSaver is to tailor resources, cultivate financial literacy and wealth through money management and net worth goal setting. Tailored WealthSaver was established in August 2019 by Adrienne Taylor, Accredited Financial Counselor®  with over 10 years of financial experience. 

Here’s the deal, we live in a society that teaches us to live for the moment- regardless of our financial situation. If you don’t believe us next week during a lunch hour visit a local fast-food chain- and you’ll notice the majority of us don’t take the time to speak face to face with a human to order food; instead we live for the moment and order through the drive-thru, so that we can hurry to our next task of the day. 

Our goal at Tailored WealthSaver is to be your trusted financial literacy service provider resulting in less stress and enhanced focus(2). When we have tranquility over our finances and within ourselves, life has a way of being kind and wealth has a way of purposely emerging. Financial gain is not our priority; none of our team members trade or transact investment fund options such as securities, options, commodities, futures, retirement plans and/or life insurance. 

Our Founder

Most importantly before I share about myself, first I want to offer my appreciation for visiting our site and learning how Tailored WealthSaver will contribute to cultivating wealth and tranquility. 

Now back to why you are visiting this section. You are here to learn more about myself, Adrienne Taylor, AFC®, international financial speaker and trainer. At the age of 16, I spent the majority of my afternoons and evenings (usually 3-5 times a week) interacting with and touching hundreds of dollars at my first job, within the food industry. On payday, I saw firsthand how easily and quickly hard-earned money left customers’ hands and how rapidly debt added up for basic necessities. Fast forward a couple of years to 2007-2008 which brought along the Great Recession/Economic Crash. Needless to say during these years I witnessed people losing their homes. This was a tough time, many lost their job and even today according to a study from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 40% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency expense from their savings account(1). With this statistic in mind, what else would we expect to happen during America’s most significant economic crash in 77 years which resulted in an upswing in unemployment? Those two years impacted the inkling of Tailored WealthSaver, to teach the importance of proper money management and goal setting through net worth statements. 

In undergraduate while majoring in Economics, (after changing from Chemistry) I learned just about everything I did not want to do including selling securities (such as stocks) to make a living- often I saw (and still see) many financial advisors, who are paid on commission did not hold a fiduciary role, (to act in the best interest of their client,) if they ever had one to begin with. Often, the financial advisors I saw looked out for their best interest first and not fully in the interest of the client who trusted their advisor with their hard-earned money. Hence, as to why Tailored WealthSaver does not trade or transact investment fund options such as securities, options, commodities, futures, and/or retirement plans. We focus on financial literacy and self-education.

Throughout the past 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure to teach financial literacy, (without having to trade/transact investment funds to earn a living) budget planning and net worth goal setting in capacities with the world’s largest credit union and most recently as a contractor through the Department of Defense. In-between these two roles I took a break and had the delight to serve with an excellent healthcare consulting firm. I learned the value of creating lasting results through employee engagement. Creating employee engagement is nearly impossible to achieve when employees do not feel valued, including through their finances. A recent study(2) conducted showed a correlation between work performance and poverty. Employees who are financially stressed are unable to give their full potential as compared to their counterparts who are not facing financial stress. The firm I was honored to serve with ensured employees felt valued in a multitude of ways including creating space and opportunity for development. Some of the value I gained was becoming a more engaged and memorable speaker. The most valuable aspect were the lessons in leadership from the greatest supervisor anyone could ask for, Nicole. Because of the experience, lessons learned plus my family- I share with you, Tailored WealthSaver, LLC.

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